The world has gone digital, and business has followed. It’s easier to go where your audience is than to bring them to your door, and the biggest audience lives online. Carving out your own corner of digital space with a killer website is the first step to dominating the online world, and these stats for websites can be your guide.

  • 64% of shoppers who had a poor experience with their site visit will shop somewhere else next time.
  • 38% of consumers will stop engaging with content that is unattractive in imagery or layout.
  • Website credibility is judged 75% on the site’s overall design.
  • 47% of consumers check the products/services pages of a website first.
  • 65% of consumers want to see contact information on the site’s home page.
  • 46% of consumers say that the most annoying thing about a website is the lack of message (unable to tell what the company does).
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